Aims and Objectives of UGC-Orientation Course Programme

S. N. Tiwary, Director

Academic Staff College

BRA Bihar University, Muzaffarpur

Orientation Course is interdisciplinary, i.e., something of everything and everything of something.

The main objectives of the Orientation Course(OC) are to enable the newly appointed lecturers:

1.      To understand the importance and significance of education, philosophy of education, pedagogy and andragogy in general and higher education in particular in the Indian and Global contexts as well as linkages between quality education and teacher motivation.


2.      To activate, motivate, inspire and orient young lecturersof colleges and universities so that they can be transformed into a great socially responsible and effective teachers and impart their knowledge to their students who are the future of the world.


3.      To arouse, inculcate, generate, produce and excite interest, curiosity and eagerness in teaching and research.


4.      To upgrade, update, uplift, advance and progress knowledge and skill and also enrich, enhance and enlighten young teachers.


5.      To understand the linkages between education, economy, environment, development and society as well as role, responsibility and sensitivity of teacher in achieving a secular and egalitarian society.


6.      To acquire and improve basic skills of teaching, research and evaluation at the College/University level to achieve the goal of higher education.


7.      To be aware of the latest development of quality teaching and excellence in research,

i.e., to keep abreast of newest knowledge and skill.

8.      To understand the organization and educational management as well as to perceive the role of teachers in the society.

9.      To provide the best opportunity to exchange and share knowledge, skill, ideas and views.

10.  To utilize opportunities for development of personality, initiative and creativity. 

11.  To rejuvenate, revitalize and reenergize young lecturers.

12.  To make them punctual, regular, sincere, devoted, dedicated, disciplined and determined ideal/perfect/superior/great teachers.

13.  To make teachers as good citizen of world, world builder and truth finder.